If you've ever had a great friend who could lovingly see your issues and confusion with compassion and incredible insight then you will want to have to work with Maura.  She brings these attributes along with her ability to hear/intuit helpful information beyond what the mind can formulate.  I have found her "gut" guidance combined with her Master level training to be precise, helpful and so very pertinent to my problem or dilemma.  And, more importantly, I was then able to function in my life and make decisions with much better clarity, calmness and wisdom.
- Charlene Martin, RN


Maura has an abundance of gifts as a healer and spiritual coach.  I especially appreciate her willingness to be present with the fullness of the human experience... the dark and the light... giving each an honored place at the table.   Maura's deeply intuitive ability to apply her knowledge of Jungian psychology, archetypes and mythology to my life experience has provided me with teachers, guides, stories and road maps which I can call to and follow along my path, particularly during times of challenge.  Maura's presence is a gift to anyone who shares time with her.  Her aliveness, vitality and true compassion -- one that doesn't move to fix me or cut off my experience -- has sustained me in some of my darkest moments, and helped me find the truth of myself as embodied mystery.
- Annie Andreoni


Who is Maura McBratney? One of the most gifted, intuitive individuals whom I have met. She has a warmth that opens one’s heart and an uncanny awareness of who you are.  Maura has had the experience of “The Sacred Partnership” in her thirty year relationship with Thomas, until his untimely death. To experience Maura is to experience the sacred.
- Paul Brenner, MD


It is without fail that I am met with an open heart, depth of wisdom, and deep understanding when I speak with Maura.  Her ability to listen and present to me the more expanded perspective of my life situations while truly honoring the very real effects of the life situation is something that happens naturally in our conversation.  Her mastery of knowledge of the Sacred Feminine, Masculine and the Archetypes is intertwined in all that she represents and expresses in her words and energetic healing.  She has an incredible passion for life, compassion for humanity and desire to support all who cross her path and are willing to engage.  It has been for many years and continues to be my honor to receive her guidance and wisdom which helps me through situations that life presents to me so that I may move more gracefully, keep learning, and healing along the way on my own path.
- Loni Pallandino


I worked with Maura over the course of several years. She is a wonderful listener and coach, and our work together was instrumental in helping me through a challenging time in my life, including issues such as stress, anxiety, interpersonal relationships, work and career, shame and vulnerability, and other life difficulties we all face as human beings. Maura was a source of nonjudgmental support and provided me with so many effective ideas and resources that I had never considered — journaling, dream work, body work, creativity and expressive arts — all of which enabled me to develop a stronger self-understanding and sense of personal wholeness.

The beauty of self-work with a coach is the opportunity to develop new gifts, spiritual values, meaning in life, wisdom, psychological growth, and coping skills at any point in life within a safe “container.” All of these I gained through my work with Maura. Most importantly, I gained tools and solutions that are everlasting. When new challenges arise, I have the information, perspective, and personal resources to navigate through them much more successfully. I can’t recommend her more highly.
- Ann Cameron


Maura is highly intuitive and a fierce advocate for healing on all levels.  She has had a lifelong curiosity and drive to delve into deep work with the archetypical feminine and masculine and how these impact and inform our daily lives. From a place of passionately studying and honoring many sacred traditions and healing methods, she is able to blend multiple modalities to create a healing container that is uniquely supportive of each individual.

From individual work to commitment to healing our collective wounds and planet, over and over I have seen how Maura approaches each healing encounter with reverence, openness and wonder.  Throughout our work together, I have felt deeply seen, heard and supported, and have continued to feel the release of beliefs that were holding me back, bringing about profound healing both during and following our sessions. 

With a clarity of spirit, humility and a depth of engagement that comes from one who has done, and continues to be committed to her own growth and deep soul work, Maura is a powerful healer, a soothing balm and a guiding light in this time of great turbulence.
- Amy Lockwood, DVM


Maura has dedicated her life to those in need, from emotional challenges to serious medical problems including life threatening cancers.

At our Cancer Center, Maura volunteered supporting cancer patients on a weekly basis for over a decade. She did this utilizing all the tools she gathered over a lifetime: wisdom and experience from several well-known and established healing traditions, energy medicine (biofield therapies), emotional support, spiritual support, deep heart and soul connection.

I’m deeply grateful and honored to know Maura. Her work is based on true love, devotion, wisdom, profound healing, inspiration and hope. She is a true healer.
- Daniel Vicario, M.D., ABIHM


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