Sacred Union: Creating an Authentic, Deep Connection with Self and Other

In order to support you in Creating Sacred Union, I have created a course called:


“Sacred Union: Creating an Authentic, Deep Connection with Self and Other”



Course Description:

This is a 12-week online course is for individuals and couples exploring what an authentic deep connection is and how to be present in their lives with a sense of trust and playfulness.

  • Sacred Union:  Exploration of what it is and why it is important.
  • Embodied Soul:  How we come to know ourselves and our own wounds and needs.
  • Conscious Love:  Learn to communicate authentically and to use frustrations and conflict to go deeper which transforms the individual and relationship
  • Sacred Sexuality:  Sexuality as a Life Force Energy—why is that important? Exploring Intimacy—how we create and maintain it.
  • Embracing the Beloved:  How through conscious practices with each other a third energy is created—the energy of our relationship.
  • Conclusion:  Final time together to summarize, reflect and see what comes next


Details about the course

The 12-week program will include:

  • Live class instruction via Zoom introducing the principles of Sacred Union which will include time for questions and reflection
  • Email support between sessions
  • Recordings of the class will be available


This Group Program is scheduled to begin in the Fall. Click the button to join the waitlist to be notified when it is available.

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Individual Coaching

It would be my honor to be on this journey with you.  In these sessions:

  1. You will learn how to be present to yourself and other—at a soul level. Learning cultivation of presence is an art and with that development comes a peace within that is palpable.
  2. Come to understand what deep connection is—with yourself and with others. These deep soul level connections provide a balm for the soul in this chaotic world.
  3. Learn what you need to feel aligned with yourself, your values and your relationships. Being aligned strengthens our core self so we can feel grounded and safe within our own being, from that place we engage with Life in a larger way.
  4. As we feel our alignment and deep connection with ourselves the natural outcome is trusting ourselves—our intuitions, our ideas, our feelings, our bodies. As our trust builds with ourselves, we more easily trust others which helps to form deeper connections.
  5. Through this journey we can find our innate playfulness, joy, humor and contentment. Developing that lightness of being that helps us to transform the inevitable difficult situations we encounter in life.

Individual sessions can be purchased separately or in packages—in 60 minute or 90 minute increments.

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